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And this is how it went!!!

Crete Island - Chania City - Greece


NW Gathering Long Poles 2.jpg

Ismet Himmet, Norman Török & Manos Kantidakis organized the 2nd Northstar Gathering on Crete Island, Greece.

The 10 Days Camp included lots of sweat, fun, delicious food, amazing people, more amazing people, and super exciting Training Schedules - SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT ... ... and then jumping into the deep - wide - blue Sea!


Part of the Training were basics, fundamentals, then basics, then fundamentals, then basics and ... fundamentals... ... !!


Of course, every single practitioner had the opportunity to free spar with the teachers and each other and enjoy the countless repetitions of the Sword & Staff foundation! New Comers were welcomed to the system, and advanced practitioners discovered the new inside the known 'old'.  

All practitioners and attenders have already asked for the upcoming year's gathering - If you also want to be part of the NW 2023 Gathering - LET US KNOW. - All related information will be available on our pages. Make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list to not miss any opportunity !!

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