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Meet the Team

Qualified Coaches of NW

Northstar Weaponry Teachers and Coaches are fully determined diligent practicians of the Weaponry System taught by Ismet Himmet. It's not only that they need to prove their skills in regular Free Combat but also thorough and careful in Teaching-Methodology, Didactics, Art of Movement & Body Control. 

Training- and Teaching Method

Every Teacher sets own goals and FIRSTLY learns how to teach him- her self. The teachers must undergo a comprehensive and step-by-step education to self-mastery before the beginning of the teaching journey.

It is important that every single Coach of the Team has been and STILL IS a diligent student of the Art.

This is the Way.

This is the only way for us, to keep high-quality standards, both in learning and teaching - and accept responsibility as a coach to the fullest!

Meet The Team

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