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NW Welcome Workshop

Welcome to the Northstar Weaponry (NW) Community! This hype is real ! Get ready for 12 hours of super hard work with the weapons - Structural Form Training - Base Power - Magical Step Work - Distance Management - Sword Handling Skills - and much more... FUN FUN FUN !!!

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NW Welcome Workshop

Time & Location

24. Juli 2021, 10:00 MESZ – 25. Juli 2021, 16:30 MESZ

Berlin, Berliner Straße 46, 10713 Berlin, Germany

About the Event

In this Seminar you will be introduced into the world of Weaponry in a way, you havent witnessed before! 

It is different. 

It is unordinary. 

It is unique. 

Enjoy 12 hours of hard work presented by Ismet Himmet & Norman Török the founders of Northstar Weaponry! 

Schedule will be (something like): 

DAY 1 

10 am - 12:30 pm

- UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM - Presentation and Explanations of NW methodoligy & training

- Step Work is key - (Shadow Step Patterns 1-5 (2-5 for Level 3 and higher)

- Angles that give space-control into your hands

- Distance Management - Body Motion

- Sword Handling 

- Seven Stars of the Human Body 

- The reason of endless repetitions - PROGRAMMING the reflexes

- WIND & MOON Attacks and Defence with the right step work (offensive and defensive)

- Significants of the first 2 Directions of Fundamental Sword Strikes/Cuts

14 pm - 16:30 pm 

- The 9 Drections 

- Solid Structure through Fundamental Form Practice (on 7 Star Sword Form: A lot of intentional breathing connecting the stances)

- Why is the need of stances and figrues/shapes in kungfu?

- Partner Translation of the Form and the Principles behind the movements

- Basic Flows & intermediate Flows (Level 2 and higher)

- Movement Freedom with the Sword - Dragon Body - Magic Steps - Phoenix Eye - Flying Swords

- Countless repetitions of the same move - WHAT DOES IT GIVE ME?

- Short Stick Free Play 

DAY 2 

10 am - 12:30 pm

- Understranding the Long Pole 

- Pole Positions and the difference between the offensive, the defensive and the neutral stance with the long pole

- Sequence 16

- The Knowledge of efficient & effective Shielding

- Reality based Attacks and Counters - Fundamental 6 Attacks & Counters of Xuan Wu Gun

- The comfort of Attacking in 3 levels but defending only in 1 

- Structure through Form and Standing Qi Gong of XUAN WU GUN

- Repetition Time !!

- Controled Free Play with the Long Pole

14 pm - 16:30 pm 

- Sequence 16 - completion

- Structure Work (on the Xuan Wu Gun Form)

- Translation of Form into reality based Combat Drills

- Is this a Spear, or a Staff? 

- Enters (Level 2 and higher)

- Flow 1 (Level 2 and higher)

- Strategic Attacking - Enters into Up-Shielding (Level 2 and higher)

- Controled Free Play with the Long Pole 

Apart of this... 

individual level based intro's and deepenings. Principles that will change the entire game! Working together, communicating.. meeting each other! Conversations of Weaponry and the World. 


Berliner Str. 46

10713 Berlin 



What you need to bring is one basic practice sword with tassel. We take care of all other stuff needed. (If you WANT to bring your own weapons or protection gear; you can bring short stick (kali, rattan) and a Chinese Staff about your body size or a little longer, and weapon related protective gear)

Be at least 30 Minuts BEFORE the Training starts at the Academy! 


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